Deborah Nangala McDonald

“Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna: Bush Shrubs Make You Healthy”

Work in progress
Finished – Two Women travelling across country. All the parts of the land they harvest and look after

Language: Pintupi
Born 1963

Country: Papunya
Deborah  is the granddaughter of the late Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi who was a Pintubi man from Lake MacDonald in the Gibson Desert, Central Australia. In 1948 he moved to Haasts Bluff and Papunya, and both Deborah and Shorty’s stories refer to his country of Lake MacDonald. Deborah was married to the nephew of Turkey Tolson and son of the female artist Mitjili. 

Deborah was born in 1961 in Papunya Tula NT . Her family line is full of famous painters, including Clifford Possum, her uncle. Her style is traditional stories – some only Deborah can paint -and her work is documented in many publications of Indigenous Art
A permanent treasure cove from many Communities.  This is by Deb Nangala, “My Country”. With the painting comes the Story in words, equally as rich as Deb shares Her Country, rich with abundance and celebration – There are women with body paint preparing to dance, maps to various places, much abundance after rains.  A wonderful painting in any workplace or home. 
Each time Deborah paints this or one of her other special stories she does it differently, each with its own gentle pizazz. Deborah works closely with the Gallery to establish a base for herself in Adelaide, and so this is an unique opportunity for you to also order a matching painting in your custom sizes.

“Goanna Love Story” as documented in Geoffrey & James Bardon’s book “Papunya A Place Made After the Story. The Beginning of the Western Desert Painting Movement”. This Story was handed to her by her Grandfather

Debra was born on the 11th of November 1963 at Papunya Camp into an impressive artistic dynasty. Her mother, Martha MacDonald, is a highly respected Papunya Tjupi artist, and sister to Lynda Syddick, while her grandfather was the late 
Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi (circa 1920-1987.)
Both Debra’s and Shorty’ stories refer to the Lake MacDonald area in the Gibson Desert, Central Australia.

Debra was married to the nephew of Turkey Tolson, and son of the great female artist Mitjili.

In July 2010 Debra had a highly successful artist in residence exhibition at Mulgara Gallery, Sails of the Desert, Ayers Rock, Northern Territory.

Her talent is obvious and she is a rising star whose work is steadily increasing in demand by collectors worldwide. This Dreaming story revolves around the site known as Lungkarta (home of the blue tongue lizard).

Reference for more information Geoffrey & James Bardon’s book “Papunya A Place Made After the Story.
The Beginning of the Western Desert Painting Movement”