Ernabella South Australia

Audrey was born in Ernabella, South Australia in 1967.
Community: Pitjantjatjara 
Language : Anangu
She was a school teacher there for many years, and now resides in Adelaide, South Australia.
​Audrey paints at a number of Galleries and is often at Glenelg Art where she paints, or holds workshops.
A very religious lady, Audrey has painted here the story of Water – the importance of water to everyone, the relationship of water to desert life, and its’ place throughout the Bible.
Her work on the Cross reflects travelling through Pitjantjatjara Yankuny Tjatjara Lands with her people, settling at the meeting places around the Waterholes, and the sand dunes around them, which is her Country, where she connects with the Dreamtime.
Timber of the Cross is custom made in Adelaide and is of Western Red Cedar.
Measurements 45cm high and 7cm wide, 2cm thick, cross bar is 30cm long, and is Certified as treated, safe for export) Community

Audrey with her
daughter and niece
 hold Audrey's painting
 about Women Gathering
 Wild Tobacco. A beautiful
 fresh painting showing the
 plants and the paths the ladies
 take to collect tobacco.

Audrey’s Twirling Medicine Leaves & Seeds

Spring Medicine Leaves and Seeds twirling in the winds” 100 x 50cm not stretched

Story’s about Women’s Business Out Bush

Stores about Rock holes and WaterSprings

Looking after natural water resources is a very important job for Aboriginal Communities. They women will clear out leaves and everyone treats these areas with respect and they are happy places that provide water.