Richard Gamarrung Watts
Mimi’s Hunting Stories on the Roper River

Richard’s Nana (Mums side) is from Roper River – Ngukurr, Northern Territory
Richard was born in Alice Springs, NT. However Richard spent a lot of time growing up in the Top End in communities around Katherine, which is where his Mum is from.
Their Tribes are Alawa and Mara – South East Arnhem Land along the Roper River.
He is the nephew of well known artists Edward Blitner and David Moolooloo, both of whom are commercial artists who’s styles are consistent in handing down the stories of the Mimi’s Hunting on the Roper River, Northern Territory, Australia.

Richards’ cousin, Zane Watts (son of David Moolooloo) is also learning to paint the traditional stories and styles of his family.  
Richard resides in Adelaide and often travels to visit family in central and northern Australia, and to also collect didgeridoo wood near Katherine.
​He paints in the traditional style taught to him by his uncles, which were taught to them by Richard’s great grandfather Frederick Blitner (Deceased), who was well known through the Top End for his carvings.
​Richard is also a maker and player of the Didgeridoo, which are available at the Gallery.
Email us for information on a custom made didgeridoo.

 A very traditional painting by Richard Gamarrung (Watts / Moolooloo) of amazing detail – showing the tucker in the reeds at Roper River Northern Territory and the Mimi Spirits looking after the flow of things all connected. Richard is pictured here. The painting below is 100 x 100cm stretched and is SOLD