What do the symbols mean?

you love the look, colour , size, all good . . .
and you know there’s . . . . something else.
You’ve got a Certificate that says it’s a real painting.
You start to feel the real buzz when you realise you’re reading a book, looking at a map.
It’s a living history, moving while still.

The U shapes are always people. We know this is about Women because of the icons beside the U shapes. The Women have their “digging” Sticks of many uses, and their Coolamons for gathering and carrying the fruits and Witchetty Grubs, perhaps babies and water (with gum leaves on top). The 10 circulars are significant places for various reasons and we can see a main camp at the top with five women around it, so this would be a meeting place after everyone gone walkabout hunting & gathering.
They may be gathering to take to these women, perhaps a Ceremony, perhaps a normal day.